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How it all started

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July 2020

Our hair oil formula has passed all regulatory testing requirements to be sold on the European market.

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Launch date of our crowdfunding campaign on Ulule. We reached 177% of our funding goal!

5 September 2020

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Our Opa - a beekeeper since the age of 17


Our grandad adopted his first beehive at the age of 17.

May 2019

We begin the R&D process together with a lab in Belgium in order to create the amazing formula behind our first product: the Beelightful Natural Hair Oil.

August 2020

We produced the first ever pilot batch of our Beelightful Natural Hair Oil! 

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February 2019

After Annika discovered how to make her own natural cosmetics in the kitchen, the idea of MADU was born (it used to be called Ambrozia at the beginning).


March 2019

Three cousins join forces: Nina and Karina join the adventure!


Our uncle Henry embarks on the family beekeeping tradition. Five years later, our cousin Manuel joins the beekeeping club too!

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