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Bees are the centre of our brand. One of the main missions of MADU is to create awareness for our hard-working little friends, who are incredibly important for our ecosystem and who are facing many challenges today. 


Although each of us can contribute to the future of bees, we believe in the collective power of individuals. This is why we have decided to donate 1€ per bottle to a Belgian non-profit organisation that can help us make a difference on a bigger scale. 

Together with Natagora/BNVS, we are currently planning a joint project.

Natagora/BNVS wants to inspire people to take action for nature through collective effort. Preserving nature and securing the future is something that no one can do alone. That is why Natagora/BNVS members and patrons are trying to achieve this goal together through a wide range of activities - and we are part of it. 


The goal of this association is to sustainably safeguard, protect, restore and develop biological diversity. Their activities range from purchasing land to turn it into a nature conservation area, building insect hotels, planting trees and flowers or offering educational programs for all ages to raise awareness among the general public. 

We are currently in the planning phase for a project that will protect wild bees and other pollinators and insects. More information will be shared soon. 


With every bottle sold, 1€ will be donated to this project meaning that everybody becomes a biodiversity and wild bee supporter when buying our hair oil!


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