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Bee projects

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Bees are the centre of our brand. One of the main missions of MADU is to create awareness for our hard-working little friends, who are incredibly important for our ecosystem and who are facing many challenges today. 


Although each of us can contribute to the future of bees, we believe in the collective power of individuals. This is why we have decided to donate a part of our sales to a Belgian non-profit organisation that can help us make a difference on a bigger scale. 

Since March 2021, we have been working closely with Natagora/BNVS to help finance a Bee Conservation Project which aims at protecting wild bees and other insects and animals, as well as to increase beodiversity and rise awareness.  


Together with a youth group, we have built a giant insect hotel, planted more than 50m2 of wild flower seeds on a plot of land located in a nature reserve in the German-speaking region of Belgium. 


But this is only the beginning! In the coming months, we are planning on planting fruit trees and creating an information board which will explain the project and the importance of (wild) bees to anyone passing by to raise awareness.

Wild Flower Seeds
Insect Hotel
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