'Busy as a bee' totebag

'Busy as a bee' totebag


Reusable & ecofriendly 'Busy as a bee' totebag.


  • Recycled cotton
  • Organic cotton
  • Certified GOTS

The hair oil: our silicone-free, lightweight hair oil is packed with high quality oils that help strengthen & nourish your hair to prevent future breakage.

The hair oil is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

What our customers say

Daily use
Hair Oil Bottle

Give the bottle a good shake

Two drops of hair oil

Place 1-2 drops onto your hand

Rub gently between your palms

Hair oil in hair

Apply evenly onto your hair, from the middle to the tips

How to use

Overnight mask
Hair oil bottle

Give the bottle a good shake

Empty 2-3 full droppers onto your hand

Rub gently between your palms

Hair oil on entire hair

Apply evenly to your full hair length

Hair bun

Leave in at least 30 minutes or overnight

Wash your hair, shampoo twice

Use less but better

We recommend using our Beelightful Natural Hair Oil as an overnight hair mask once a week, and to apply 2-3 drops every morning after styling your hair.

By following this routine, our 30ml bottle will last you for approximately 3 months, depending on your hair length and type. If you only use it after styling in the morning, it will last you for over 6 months.

It's all natural, honey!

All natural ingredients contained in our Beelightful Hair Oil are listed below. Find out more about their meaning, where we source them and why they are good for your hail: