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Inside the hive – what bees are up to during spring

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Welcome to Inside the Hive: a short series of blog posts giving you a sneak peek into what goes on in a beehive!

Easter marks a turning point as spring is around the corner! And when some of you might soon be looking for chocolate eggs in the garden, this is also when we see the first substantial amount of eggs being laid again by the Queen. Over the next couple of weeks, she will resume her egg-laying responsibilities to a normal level by laying an average of 2000 (😲) eggs a day.

What happens inside the hive?

The bee colony, which has just survived the winter, starts the year with the so-called "cleaning flight". Honey bees like to keep their living quarters clean and therefore hold their feces until they can drop them away from the hive. Having stayed inside the hive all winter, our little sisters use their first flight to dispose of their excrement – so if you're in the neighborhood and don't want your car to turn yellow, park it in the garage 😉. Spring is the busiest time of the year for the colony – and oh are bees happy to be outside again. Flowers are blooming, meaning that there is plenty of food out there and the hive’s aim is to strengthen the colony again after a long winter by reproducing and increasing food reserves. 🌼 These are some of the flowers which our little bees will be visiting to collect nectar: white clover, dandelion, linden, cherry blossom, fruit tree flowers, hazelnut tree flowers and many more.

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